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Nish Nadaraja

Twist, Yelp
Rich Kid Cool

Brian Zisk

SF MusicTech, Green Witch
Future of Money & Technology

brian zisk

Johnny Hwin


johnny hwin

Mike DeVerna

(growth hacker)

Mike DeVerna

Mike Godwin

Wikipedia, Yale, EFF

mike godwin

Antone Johnson

Bottom Line Law Group

antone johnson
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Brent Britton

Senior Counsel

• The only graduate of Media Lab to become an attorney

• Ran one of Hollywood's first web developers (Star Trek, X Files)

• Was on the Internet before it was called the Internet

Andrea Lamari

Chief Evangelist

• At 16, convinced boss to let her manage all social media for a hospitality group

• Writes screenplays for fun

• Rides a scoot and writes fan fiction about her favorite boy bands

Per Wikipedia Brent "was influential in establishing the legal framework that ushered in the late 20th century Internet boom in San Francisco and Silicon Valley."

Brent co-founded Equity's predecessor firm, BSC. A software engineer, he teaches at the University of Tampa business school and runs the Emerging Business and Technology law practice at GrayRobinson.

A budding young executive, Andrea puts people and resources together for Silicon Valley. In recent years she has been partner of the New League accelerator and COO of a mobile POS company. She has worked the Facebook Ads API for Experian, and produced social campaigns for the Javits Convention Center.

Gil Silberman

Managing Partner

• CTO at 20, CEO at 22, big firm partner 3 years after becoming lawyer

• Fell for one of the first Internet hoaxes

• Crash landed an airplane

Korey Avaripour


• Studying Portuguese and Python

• Played bass guitar in a college folk band

• Has eaten a burrito measureless to man

Gil's career in law, engineering, and business has seen hundreds of startups and funding rounds, and dozens of successful exits.

Among first few hundred to buy an Apple, join LinkedIn, and equity crowdfund. He started BSC with Brent and also founded software developer, restaurant, satellite image processor, & creative agency.

After UCLA and Hastings, Korey joined the Intellectual Property, Media & Technology group of Chicago powerhouse McDermott Will & Emery. Later, he co-founded InCloudCounsel, an enterprise legal document processing startup. At Equity he is a client services specialist, and also helps draft and automate our document library.


Animal Mascot

• Can balance on a ball

• Smarter than you are

• Prefers chicken

Lucca is a celebrity spokespuppy and professional product mascot for startup technology companies.

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Legal Accelerator

Equity runs a business accelerator devoted entirely to the legal and corporate governance needs of early-stage startups.

Mentorship. Equity is a community of top lawyers, mentors, business advisors, and investors who love startups, ready to teach founders the Silicon Valley way.

Setup. We guide batches of company leaders through the entire startup process, from incorporation to trademarks, hiring, finance, board meetings, and reviewing product plans. We even make sure everybody has a bank account. The goal by the end of the program, a fundable company that will sail through due diligence with a clean cap table, solid organization, and good contracts.

Cost. It's free. All the legal work to launch your company in 3 months, plus a year of maintenance and advice. We are even working on securing a modest investment for every participant. We ask for a modest equity stake, typically 2% of founder equity.

How to join. Our process is just like others: apply, get accepted, show up, learn, network, be awesome on demo day, and succeed. We prefer serious, teachable founders with skin in the game. A big plus if you come recommended by someone we know—or should.